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Tiny Tots (2-4yrs)


Everyone’s daughter is the apple of their eye, their little princess. And mostly, little princesses love to dance. Here’s why a Physie class is the perfect place for your little princess to ignite a lifelong passion for dancing.

Our Physie Fairies classes are a place for preschool-age girls to channel their natural energy into a meaningful experience. Our program develops mental muscle that will set your daughter up for school in the best way possible because she will develop:

  • Memory

  • Focus

  • Sequencing

  • Listening

  • Self-control

  • Working in a group environment – just like she will have to at school!

But science also tells us that giving children richly stimulating physical experiences and expanding their movement vocabulary is just as important as their academic learning. Movement is absolutely essential to a child’s whole development. Physie improves:

  • Balance

  • Co-ordination

  • Body awareness

  • Fitness

  • Motor skills

If your daughter is given these wonderful experiences at this important young age, she’s much more likely to stay active and healthy for her whole life. Feeling physically fit and strong and having fun means your daughter will feel great about herself too. She will have the confidence to excel socially, make friends and be undaunted, whatever school life brings.

Who could ask for a better start for their little princess?

About our classes

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