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We have a dress code to ensure the safety of students. Ill-fitting clothing can lead to injury from slipping or minimising range of movement.

It is also important for the teacher to be able to see the students posture and body position to be able to provide adequate corrections which can be limited with certain items of clothing.

We have uniform items available for purchase which can also be worn to class and over leotards at competition.

Juniors - 3- 12years

In 2022 dance wear to be worn to class will include the following:

- Black Leotard (or new club class leotard)

- Black or club Short Bike pants &/or skin coloured footless tights may be worn if desired. No socks or tights with feet are to be worn for safety.

*During colder weather, ballet wraps may be worn over the top of the leotard

Hair must be neatly tied back in a pony tail or bun with loose hairs pinned back at all times.

13yrs to Ladies

In 2020 13yrs through to ladies may wear:

- Skin tight leggings/sports tights

- Fitted singlet or t-shirt

Hair must be neatly tied or pinned back out of the face at all times.

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